I'm back in my home town after 40 yrs. working the road of experience. Hope you like the results. The custom made bookcase - filing cabinet is 13' long & 8' high - all stained glass panels by Jack Dardick - abstract art on canvas laminated on lower doors by DLT - cabinet flares on both sides to follow octagonal wall of home office - made of oak & trimmed in the Classical Style. Market value in Toronto $35K.

    Custom made Art Deco-style computer desk -again in oak - 60 linear feet of construction - fully equipped - office machines on pull-out trays behind roll tops. Market value in Toronto $65K. 
   If there is serious interest in my transforming a room, this office is available for viewing - can do it all -custom ceilings, walls & floors - windows ( where stained glass is meant to be ) - painting, furniture & artwork.