Investment Opportunity


††††††      Obviously, the prerequisite for involvement in this project is an understanding and an appreciation of what Iím trying to accomplish with my work, namely, creating tables unique to the public domain. Santa Fe is the most likely area to embrace this type of artwork, donít you agree?†As I stated in the ad, Iím looking for someone to share my vision, as well as be the finance co-ordinator and marketing agent for the company. On my own, I can produce only 6 tables a year up here in Ontario, with a turnover of $300,000 US per.†††

†††††††     I managed to find a start-up investor in Jan / 06 near Toronto, Ont., who allowed me to develop 2 prototypes from designs I created last year. Both tables were plotted with a 3D computer program, and then transferred to a DXF file for the computerized router tool path. Polyurethane moulds were made from the Renboard machined tops and cast in Epoxy. The battery operated, remote controlled motorized lift was outfitted with a custom made, electronic circuit board specific to the tableís function. The glassware was produced from my guidelines and Iím sure you agree the glass gals gave me their best interpretation of what was required. The artwork is my own abstract mono-print technique and laminating the canvas itself is a tricky technical undertaking. Due to the cost of development, I am focussing on doing a limited edition of 20 tables for each model for now, with custom interiors, rail and canvas colours specific to the clientís wishes.†

††††††††    As with every new product, there were time delays and cost overruns on this project, ballooning to a cost of $100,000 for the overall production of the 2 prototypes .The total cost for EACH subsequent table will be $20,000. My investor liked what he saw with the drawings, especially the Fish and we signed an agreement whereby he would foot the bill for initial development and then be bought out by someone who wanted in for a longer term. He requires a return on his principal + 10%, which is $110,000 CND.


††††††††    If you agree to become a new investor in DLT† DESIGNS INC, as soon as my start-up guy is paid, if you like, the crated prototypes of Models Ď48í & Ď61í will be delivered to you as security for the investment . I much prefer them to be in the Santa Fe area anyway, for display purposes. Also, Iíve been in touch with Susan Crowe of Santa Fe Trend Magazine, and sheís informed me that the fall issue will feature small-scale furniture designers from North America. A full page ad of my work in that issue is a must. As well, Susan said there will be five days of design seminars in conjunction with the release of the magazine in late Oct, attracting a wide range of decorators and collectors. Part of the week is to be dedicated to the merits of COMBINING DIFFERENT ELLEMENTS in creating works of art and by extension, furniture art. What wonderful timing for DLT DESIGNS!†††


†††††      I can fax the original agreement drawn-up by a local law firm upon request, along with copies of the company seal etc.†††††

††††† DLT DESIGNS INC requires $110,000 + $40,000 CND in the new agreement to cover basic undertakings at this time.†††

††††† As stated in the ad, weíre offering 18 % ROI on profits annually, with a long term agreement to be decided for our mutual benefit. I hope you find this fair and attractive? We can also send you a copy of our /05 Revenue Canada Tax return for the company. We have a $77,000 Tax credit because of start-up costs incurred over the last 3 years. So for the first few tables weíll enjoy straight profit. Thank you for your time.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††                                                          Respectfully yours,

David and Dawne Thompson